Make crowdfunding payouts smoother and safer

Beneficiary API: One of the biggest payments challenges crowdfunding platforms face is that the person running a campaign is often not its end beneficiary. WePay’s Beneficiary API addresses this scenario - it lets crowdfunders designate their beneficiary during campaign set-up, for automatic settlement to that beneficiary when the campaign ends. This builds transparency and trust in your process while decreasing your support and operational burden.

For Platforms

Trust & Safety

Know who ultimately receives the funds that are raised. Avoid the appearance of suspicious activity and self payment by organizers.

Weight off your shoulders

Let beneficiaries settle directly. Don’t take responsibility for beneficiary funds by holding on to them yourself.

Streamline operations

Lighten your support load - never again receive a ticket to change beneficiaries.

Customize it

Customize your process to fit the timing and security options, including Multi-factor Authentication, that suit you best.

For campaign organizers

Hassle free

Allow each of your organizers to easily designate the true beneficiary of a crowdfunding campaign simply by providing the beneficiary's name and email address. This means no more middle man role. You also help the organizer avoid potential tax and Terms of Service issues.

For Donors


Increase trust with your donors by giving them confidence contributions will go to the true beneficiary and not the campaign organizer. 

For the beneficiary

Fast & fool-proof

Implementing the Beneficiary API means end beneficiaries on your platorm will receive funds directly, without having to wait on the campaign organizer for any reason.

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