After years of constant improvements and creative workarounds, we were finally able to offer the quality of product we originally envisioned, thanks to our integration with WePay.

Brad Damphousse, GoFundMe co-founder


GoFundMe is the world’s largest crowdfunding site by volume, handling more than $1 billion in donations yearly. The platform gives individuals the power to easily raise money for almost any cause, from paying unforeseen medical bills to funding a graduation trip.


The platform envisioned a product that made it as easy to raise money as possible, yet parts of its user experience were hampered by reliance on traditional 3rd party payments processors. In particular, its new user sign-up was muddled by confusing redirects and onerous data collection forms. It also had to cede some of its customer relationship to the 3rd party processors.


GoFundMe integrated WePay to allow new users to start accepting payments instantly, without a redirect or much data up front. Thanks to WePay’s support and flexible technology, GoFundMe was able to integrate, complete its tests, and launch in less than one month.


GoFundMe immediately realized a double-digit improvement in its new user sign-on conversion. This was significant enough that the GoFundMe team made the decision to direct 100% of its US traffic to WePay within 24 hours.

GoFundMe Switches to WePay, Boosts Checkout Conversion


GoFundMe is a do-it-yourself fundraising platform that helps people collect money for the causes that matter to them most.

The platform allows regular people to accomplish extraordinary things with easy-to-use personal donation websites. From exciting life events, such as weddings and graduations, to challenging circumstances, such as accidents and illnesses, GoFundMe has proven to be one of the best ways to raise money online. For this reason, it has surpassed project-product crowdfunding sites including Kickstarter and Indiegogo as the #1 player in the ever-growing crowdfunding space.

Staying true to its lean startup roots, GoFundMe team members use metrics to help prioritize nearly everything they do. The most important things the company measures include the ability of new users to easily sign up, create their pages, and collect donations, and the ability of donors to successfully complete their payments.


GoFundMe integrated WePay in two areas of its user experience:

  • GoFundMe helped users create a WePay account during the sign-up process. This means that GoFundMe users can start accepting payments online immediately — they don’t need a pre-existing payment account with WePay or any other company
  • GoFundMe added a WePay checkout iframe to the donation process. This means that donors could make a payment on GoFundMe (through WePay) without ever leaving the GoFundMe site.

The GoFundMe team further built a GoFundMe-specific wrapper around the WePay PHP SDK provided on WePay’s developer site. The user account creation process took just a few PHP function calls, and the payment iframe was simple to embed into existing HTML templates.

According to the GoFundMe team, the most challenging part of the integration was aligning WePay API instant payment notifications (IPNs) to payment status settings that GoFundMe had previously put in place. The matter was quickly resolved after a few chats between WePay and GoFundMe developers.

As with any major release, the GoFundMe team performed a partial rollout to a small portion of their user base. Within a few hours of monitoring, they were confident that the integration was going well, and they began scaling it to a full release. GoFundMe finished the integration, testing, and launch within the time period they had initially scoped out — in less than one month.


GoFundMe experienced a double-digit increase in new user conversion and payment success rates. In fact, the results were so dramatic so fast that the platform decided to send 100% of its US traffic directed to the WePay on-boarding experience within 24 hours.

WePay is now the preferred payment solution for GoFundMe, enabling customers to enjoy a painless, low-barrier set-up experience, and enabling donors to complete their online payments directly on GoFundMe without a redirect.



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