Open letter from Bill Clerico, CEO

Hi there,


This is Bill Clerico, co-founder and CEO of WePay. Thanks for taking the time to learn about our product, and thanks for taking the first step in building a relationship with us.


“Invest in Relationships” is WePay’s most important value. That’s because strong relationships produce great business results. I’ve found this to be true no matter who I’m dealing with — investors, customers, employees, co-founders, landlords, suppliers or service providers.


Having a strong and trusted relationship helps things move faster. It allows both parties to think about the long term and it sees you through the stormy patches, which even the best relationships have at times.


Today, thousands of leading platform companies trust WePay with one of the most crucial parts of their business. We don’t take this lightly, and we know it is a trust we must re-earn every day.


I hope you’ll give us a chance to earn your trust, too, and WePay looks forward to being your partner.







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